Cancer and Scorpio Friendship Compatibility

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Cancer and Scorpio Friendship Compatibility

A friendship between a Cancer and a Scorpio involves a meeting of two people with good depth of character. The two signs complement each other wonderfully, with either one’s strong points balancing the other’s weak points, and vice versa. Cancer and Scorpio feel a natural attraction towards each other, and form an unusually close bond, especially when their desires and ends correspond well. And even further, Cancer and Scorpio are very similar to each other.

Cancer and Scorpio love each other’s company. They work well together to establish a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere. The crab is after contentment, and the scorpion is after power. Both signs like gaining and keeping possessions. They are both very sentimental, and are deeply moved by anything and everything in life. Cancer and Scorpio share a strong loyalty to each other, and give utmost importance to family and home.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and Scorpio is ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto. The influence of Pluto makes the combination of the celestial bodies strong and dynamic. The heavenly bodies represent a good equilibrium of masculine and feminine energy. The friendship between Cancer and Scorpio takes its root from the foundation of human bonds: passion of Mars, and love of the Moon. The star signs could share an intense, solid platonic friendship. Scorpio are intense in nature, and Cancer adore this character of Scorpio.

Cancer and Scorpio are both water signs. Both star signs have great depth of character, and it is really difficult to fully understand either of them. Both partners could withdraw to themselves emotionally, and then surge back with tremendous strength. Cancer and Scorpio are fiercely loyal to each other, a trait arising from their love of safety and security, both for their emotions, and for their family and home. Cancer are entirely devoted to family and friends, while Scorpio tend to waver occasionally because of their propensity to look into the depth into things. Scorpio could impart this character to Cancer, and Cancer could teach Scorpio to have faith in their instincts. Scorpio admire the rational mind of Cancer. Cancer enjoy the possessive nature of Scorpio; it makes them feel that their friendship is much wanted and highly priced.

Cancer is a cardinal sign, and Scorpio is a fixed sign. The combined efforts of Cancer and Scorpio could successfully achieve any project they have agreed to collaborate on. However, difference of ideas could lead to arguments. Cancer often start an argument, but their initial force wane out soon. Such is not the case with Scorpio; Scorpio maintain the same vigour in an argument from start to finish. Cancer might appear to dominate the partnership, but appearances can be deceptive. Scorpio might pretend to concede for the moment, but would exact their revenge later on through emotional manipulation; however Cancer could do the same to Scorpio, at times! It is very important for both partners to hold open discussions, and understand each other well. Once they really believe in each other and are comfortable with each other, Cancer and Scorpio could accomplish virtually anything together.

The best aspect of a friendship between a Cancer and a Scorpio is their depth of character, intensity of emotions, and their mutual need for safety and stability. Once they learn to trust each other, Cancer and Scorpio could have a deep, intense relationship. Their shared ambitions and desires, and their combined resources make them a wonderful team.

Cancer and Scorpio Friendship Compatibility
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