Cancer and Gemini Friendship Compatibility

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Cancer and Gemini Friendship Compatibility

A friendship between a Gemini and a Cancer represents a rather interesting partnership of mental abilities and emotional manipulation. Gemini are of an intellectual nature, and Cancer are of a sentimental nature. Gemini could attract Cancer with their intelligence and humour, which might cause Cancer to give up their reticence sooner than usual. Cancer might teach Gemini to relax a bit and take a look at the people around them and the world in general. However Cancer could feel that Gemini don’t value them or are disregarding them, and this would affect their relationship. Both partners must realise that they could have a strong friendship if both moved away from the extremes of their character towards the neutral zone.

Cancer represents home, and Gemini represents intellect. Gemini take care of Cancer, protecting them from threats and dangers. Cancer, in their turn, provide Gemini with a healthy, pleasant environment. The crab has a tendency to idealize everything, and could do the same to their friendship, making it very possessive of the twins. The twins have to convince the crab that they love and cherish the relationship. Cancer have very strong instincts, and could advise Gemini to avoid emotional conflicts and be in control of things.

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, and Cancer is ruled by the Moon. Gemini have a frank and honest nature. Cancer adore this nature of Gemini; however they suppress their own feelings and desires. Cancer have a strong feminine energy, and Gemini could help them direct this energy to fruitful pursuits. Gemini are full of innovations and ideas, and Cancer are full of sentiments. Cancer have a perceptive mind, and could help Gemini enjoy the little pleasures of life as they keep moving from one thing to another.

Gemini is an air sign, and Cancer is a water sign. These two elements combine well. If Gemini and Cancer learned to cooperate with each other, their combined intelligence and sentimental urge would enable them accomplish their goals while enjoying each other’s friendship. Cancer could help Gemini be more kind and considerate, while Gemini could cause Cancer to be more lively and outgoing. However Cancer must be careful not to be too demanding on Gemini, and Gemini must not leave Cancer completely exhausted. Frank and sincere conversation with each other is a good way to let the partners know of each other’s needs.

Gemini is a mutable sign, and Cancer is a cardinal sign. Cancer are good at starting new things, while Gemini keep moving from one scheme to another. Gemini control the relationship directly by overcoming challenges and solving problems. Cancer have the ability to analyse a situation accurately, and control the partnership indirectly and emotionally. It is better for both friends to always stay on middle ground. They must also learn to concede to each other whenever it’s appropriate.

The best aspect of a friendship between a Gemini and a Cancer is that, when they understand and accept each other, they could go to great lengths. With Gemini always moving forward, and Cancer always providing good assistance and solid support, they could have a rewarding partnership.

Cancer and Gemini Friendship Compatibility
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