Cancer and Cancer Friendship Compatibility

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Cancer and Cancer Friendship Compatibility

A friendship between two Cancer is a fostering relationship where emotions are of prime importance. Cancer form a deep, dedicated friendship, remaining faithful to each other all the time. Both friends endeavour to accomplish their aims, while taking care of each other, and tending and comforting each other’s passions. Cancer are, in general, kind, compassionate, and sympathetic; but at times they could be moody, sentimental, and fret themselves in self pity. They need to control their sentiments and feelings to have a strong, lasting friendship.

Cancer consider their home as the place to be. They are far less anxious about the matters and troubles of the world, than at maintaining a pleasant, comfortable household. Cancer turn vicious when someone they care about is in danger, or when the stability and security of their home are under threat. Two Cancer friends would strive hard for each other’s well being just as much as their own. Cancer must be careful not to let emotions take complete control of them. They should also be aware of their ability to injure each other’s sentiments. The crabs must be careful when they resort to their characteristic trait of emotional manipulation.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon. The star sign is sensitive to the variation in the orbit of the moon around the earth. The Moon was once worshipped as the Great Mother in history, which might account for the motherly, tender, and affectionate nature of Cancer. Cancer work hard to preserve a snug, warm, comfy atmosphere in which their relationships could truly bloom.

Cancer is a water sign. Emotions are of paramount importance to Cancer, and consequently emotional considerations form the basis of their friendship as well. Cancer’s feelings could be hurt very easily, which gives them a tendency to often withdraw to themselves. This could make Cancer less than ideal companions to other star signs. However, another Cancer would easily understand and accept this sensitive and protective attitude. Cancer love to have a safety zone between themselves and the people they care, and the outside world.

Cancer is a cardinal sign. Cancer are usually shy in nature, but not from their friends and loved ones. They usually don’t have problems getting what they want from the people they care. Cancer are fiercely defensive of their friends and family, and react violently against any sign of danger to them from outside. But their tender feelings could be easily upset by lack of similar eagerness from their friends. Their sentimental nature is the strongest as well as the weakest aspect of Cancer. Two Cancer could form a deep, intense relationship, because of their intrinsic loyalty; but their friendship might be brittle, and requires constant maintenance.

The most striking thing about a relationship between two Cancer is their dedication towards the comfort and security of their domestic lives, and their ardour in the well being of each other. They could develop a powerful friendship of two people who understand and are immensely loyal to each other, and who protect each other from the harsh outside world.

Cancer and Cancer Friendship Compatibility
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