Cancer and Aries Co-Worker Compatibility

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Cancer and Aries Co-Worker Compatibility

When Aries and Cancer come together, it's a case of opposites drawing toward each other. Aries is rash and brash, while Cancer is sensitive. Aries may overwhelm Cancer with a flurry of emotion. Even though Cancer usually likes to take time with business commitments, Aries' whirlwind approach can be stimulating. Aries, on the other hand, may find the Cancerian sensitivity appealing; it's a good balance for the typical Aries bluntness. At times, though, troubles may arise if Cancer's mood swings or Aries' aggression become overwhelming. Both Signs must take time to listen to their colleague's thoughts and understand they're coming from different directions to meet a common goal.

Cancer is the Sign of home and hearth, while Aries is a soldier meeting every challenge head-on. Aries is very protective of Cancer and takes care of them. In return, Cancer provides Aries with a happy work environment and emotional security. Sometimes Cancer might build an idealized image of their Aries associate or be overbearing. Aries can help by reassuring their Cancer partner that they are needed. Additionally, Aries needs to listen to Cancer: the Crab is strongly instinctive, and their advice can help Aries avoid making silly mistakes and rash decisions caused by a lack of planning.

Aries is ruled by the Planet Mars and Cancer is ruled by the Moon. Aries has an open, passionate nature that appeals to Cancerians, who often internalize emotions and feelings. Cancer can have intense, feminine energy, and Aries can help them learn to release this energy. The Moon controls tides of the Earth, quietly affecting all life; Cancer works behind the scenes while Aries rushes into battle. Cancer tends to be sentimental, and can teach Aries to slow down and appreciate the finer points of business instead of rushing on to the next thing.

Aries is a Fire Sign and Cancer is a Water Sign. These two elements can be a great combination if they work together, using physical action to get things done. Cancer can help Aries slow down and learn to be gentle, while Aries teaches Cancer to come out of their shell. Cancer can be emotionally manipulative, too much Water dampening Aries' enthusiasm. Conversely, too much Fire can cause Water to evaporate and leave Cancer with stress. Aries and Cancer must talk openly and freely to ensure their balance is maintained. Aries and Cancer are both Cardinal Signs. Both partners are initiators, but they have to cooperate in order for their initiative to work. On the surface, Aries is the leader, rushing out to meet a challenge, but Cancer will also be indirectly in charge through emotional control and the ability to weigh the situation. Cancer tends to compromise more easily while Aries can be unwilling to yield, so the Crab may have to accept giving in.

The best aspect of the Aries-Cancer relationship is that -- once they realize they're on the same team -- the combination of Fire and Water works well together. Aries is out there getting attention, and Cancer is quietly supporting the back end. Each associate's ability to provide what the other is lacking makes theirs an equal alliance.

Cancer and Aries Co-Worker Compatibility
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