Aries and Pisces Friendship Compatibility

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Aries and Pisces Friendship Compatibility

A companionship between Aries and Pisces is one that is advantageous to both of them. Aries are strong willed who act according to their own impulses, and worry about consequences later. Pisces are calm and quiet, and live in their own dream world. The differences might indicate that an Aries-Pisces alliance is an improbable one. But in reality, they form a close well-balanced friendship.

Aries is a powerful star sign, and Aries are born leaders. Thus in the partnership they assume the role of protecting the calmer, gentle Pisces. And Pisces understand the troubles of Aries and provide them with comfort and relaxation from their frenzied lives.

Aries is ruled by planet Mars while Pisces is ruled by planets Jupiter and Neptune. The influence of Mars keeps the Aries strong and active. Jupiter’s influence adds intensity to their friendship. Neptune is the planet of ideas, fantasies, and illusions; and also of disillusions. Aries could help Pisces realise their dreams. Pisces could provide a recess where Aries could display the softer side of their character.

Aries is a fire sign and Pisces is a water sign. Although these two elements are difficult to combine, they can be combined using physical impetus and emotional energy to form a terrific blend, as in the case of Aries and Pisces. In terms of their partnership, Aries and Pisces do exactly the opposite to each other. Pisces convince Aries to slow down a bit and be a little more passive in life, while Aries convince Pisces to become more active, and take chances that could make life more exciting. At times, the fish softens the ram too much and with its water could dampen the ram’s fiery temper more than is desirable! And the ram with its fire could vaporise the water completely leaving behind a fish out of water! Both signs must control the influence of their respective characters on the other person, and maintain a balance.

Aries is a cardinal sign and Pisces is a mutable sign. Pisces have no intention of being the leader of anything; and consequently, when asked for help, assist the Aries without challenging his dominance in any way. Aries are happy to have such devoted assistants who don’t pose any threats to them in any way; and in turn, protect them and take care of them. These divergent attitudes and frame of mind help Aries and Pisces work towards a common goal in total accord and achieve the wanted results.

The best aspect of an Aries-Pisces friendship is how much each could learn from the other. Aries could show Pisces how to turn dreams into reality rather than keep them as dreams, while Pisces could show Aries how to be considerate and how to take in failures and disappointments calmly.

Aries and Pisces Friendship Compatibility
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