Aquarius and Cancer Friendship Compatibility

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Aquarius and Cancer Friendship Compatibility

In a friendship between a Cancer and an Aquarius, two star signs from the opposite ends of the Zodiac are drawn together. Aquarius have a modern, flashy outlook of life, and Cancer are sensitive and emotional in nature. Aquarius are energetic and friendly, and work well when dealing with people. Cancer are touchy and reclusive, and tend to retire to themselves in general. Both signs should learn to merge their respective qualities in a productive manner, and they could have a successful friendship.

Cancer and Aquarius are both resolute and ambitious. However, both signs despise opposition, from each other as well as from the outside world. The crab is conventional, has good integrity, and doesn’t mind regular work. The goat is unconventional, and finds regular work tedious and tiresome. Cancer are fascinated by Aquarius, but find difficulty in understanding them completely. Aquarius love the emotional support provided by Cancer, but dislike their sensitive and possessive nature.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus. The Moon is characterised by warm, feminine energy; Saturn is characterised by cold, masculine energy. The Moon represents sentiments and homeliness; Saturn represents perseverance and discipline; and Uranus symbolises novelty and peculiarity. Cancer could teach Aquarius to consider the emotional aspect of things. Aquarius could teach Cancer to control their sentimental nature, to get themselves out of difficult circumstances, and to analyse things differently when they don’t go well.

Cancer is a water sign, and Aquarius is an air sign. Aquarius deal with things based on their intellectual mind, while Cancer rely on their instincts and realism. Both signs might not comprehend each other very well. Disagreements could arise if Cancer ask too much of their friendship, or Aquarius seem too aloof and detached from emotions. Both signs need to realise each other’s individual character, and be comfortable with each other.

Cancer is a cardinal sign, and Aquarius is a fixed sign. Cancer and Aquarius don’t mind hard work as long as it procures them success in their endeavours. Once they realised that their friendship was advantageous to both of them, they would devote themselves to it, even though they shared dissimilar ideas. Cancer are more persistent and control the emotional side of their friendship. Aquarius might feel that Cancer value sentiments too highly. Things could go much easier for them if they accepted and admired each other.

The most striking about a relationship between a Cancer and an Aquarius is their tremendous combined strength when they work together. Once they settle their differences and cooperate each other, they balance each other wonderfully, and form a deep, dynamic partnership.

Aquarius and Cancer Friendship Compatibility
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